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Whiteleaf Training was set up in 2001, and in 2007 we gained approval from the Health and Safety Executive to deliver accredited First Aid at Work training courses. We have continued to work to the high standards set by the HSE approval system and have taught many students life saving skills.

Julie Bennett-Owen has a varied and colourful background in customer care and marketing. Julie initially trained with Whiteleaf, shortly after which she was approached and joined Whiteleaf as an instructor.

Julie developed her own style of training whilst staying true to the philosophy of Whiteleaf.

When Whiteleaf decided to branch out into other business areas, Julie took over the day to day running of Whiteleaf. Within a few years Julie became Whiteleaf's hands on owner.

Julie has dedicated herself to providing the very best First Aid Training she can. Julie works with a small trusted group of trainers and assessors who provide support and balance.

As a keen trainer she is aware of the need to maintain her own competencies, both in relation to training skills and personal development high standards.

Whiteleaf has gone from strength to strength giving companies and individuals the confidence in their services and compliance standards.

We have recently gained Approval & Accreditation from the FAIB (First Aid Industry Body) Reg No ( 767)

We are also a member of FOFATO (Federation of First Aid Training Organisations) Membership No. (815)

We love the work we do and believe with a passion that everyone deserves to get help in a crisis from someone who knows what to do.

We are proud of the fact that our training has helped save lives and made a difference (even if in a small way) we believe our students are amazing for putting themselves in a position to respond in a crisis (it is scary no matter how much training you have!)

I am Julie Bennett-Owen, Owner & Training Manager of Whiteleaf Training, an approved, accredited, qualified & licenced trainer.

I saw an opportunity to provide a refreshing alternative in a market that was dominated locally by large companies with centralised call centres offering little customer flexibility.

If you are going to give up hours of your time to learn first aid you need to enjoy it. I wanted to inject a little energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment back into the training. Doing first aid might be a serious subject but that does not mean that learning it has to be, my goal is to raise a laugh within the first few minutes of any course I run. The feedback from our students proves we achieve this some have even wanted to stay longer!

Whiteleaf has been lucky to put together a unique team of instructors. All were selected for their outstanding teaching ability, sense of humour and experience.

The company has Public Liability & Professional Indemnity insurance. Our instructors and assessors have the qualifications required by the Health and Safety Executive to carry out their role.

We take our role very responsibly and by buying a course from us you are getting all the value from years of experience.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Best wishes

Julie Signature

Julie Bennett-Owen